Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Diaper Rashes

Diaper rash can be a major pain in the butt, literally! So many things can cause it - laundry detergent sensitivity, fabric sensitivity, too much wetness, too much dryness (microfiber), medications . . . but let's not forget food. I have seen so many people give up on cloth because they couldn't figure out or get rid of the diaper rash.

We'd been using cloth with zero rashes for just about 1 year. Then, when Kaiden turned 2, a nasty bright red rash appeared up front. The only thing we'd changed, quite literally, was following (against my Mama's intuition) the pediatrician's direction to double Kaiden's meat consumption, she wanted him to gain weight faster (long story there). Well, not only did he get a nasty rash, but Kaiden developed lymphedema as well. That was very scary; he could have lost his fingers. As many of you know, Kaiden has special needs and we follow the paleo diet for him (which I absolutely love, by the way!!)

One of the things I am exceedingly thankful for is to be naturally very good at analyzing data; seeing patterns in it. And I love to research! (Incidentally, analyzing and research is also how I figured out and stopped his seizures - read his story in my cookbook, Cavemom's Cooking.) So, knowing there had to be something to doubling his meats, I dove into research and learned about the acid/alkaline balance within the body. I treated him naturally and it cleared right up. After a few test dinners, I found out that the higher protein meats, pork and beef, were the cause. Ahhh, figured that one out: use lighter protein meats and portion out his meat/fruit/veg accordingly. Do NOT double his meats!!! I won't even go into how his pedi didn't handle it, among other things. :(

But, we still had this almost constant rash that had started at the same time! What the heck, was he now sensitive to the detergent, the fabric, what?? Did we need to strip diapers? Or was the stripping of diapers making it worse? I tried and tried and tried . . . and it wasn't until chatting with one of my best friends when she mentioned her youngest son was sensitive to apples. Apples gave him the same type of rash Kaiden had every time. Now, with Kaiden's special needs comes texture issues. He was getting a lot of apple sauce mixed with his food - he prefers his food to be wet, cold, and cohesive. I eliminated apples, and the rash got better! Not gone, but better. Wondering what else was causing it, I began to eliminate different foods, and re-introducing them. Kaiden now has quite the list: All fruit juices (too concentrated), all dried fruits (too concentrated), all citrus. Apples, pears, plums, pluotts, apricots, nectarines, pomegranates, mangoes.

As summer drew nearer, we had switched from using frozen fruits to fresh fruits. Some frozen fruits are fine, while the same fruit fresh is not - pineapple and mango. My biggest lesson though, was about peaches. We ate the fruits available - and peaches were in the "off" season. When Kaiden ate peaches, his rash got A LOT better. During this time, we started seeing a different doctor, whom I LOVE. He explained about the sulfur content in the peaches that neutralizes other foods.

So, I beg of you - before you give up cloth because of a diaper rash you can't seem to get rid of, please look at the foods your child is eating (or drinking, if your child drinks breastmilk - some foods definitely pass thru breastmilk!!). It may be easier than you think to get rid of that rash!

Now, as long as we avoid the list of fruits above, and he eats some peach slices every day, the diaper rash is quite minimal - just the usual - in a wet diaper too long, heat rash from the hot humid weather, and now . . .since he loves to steal food off my plate (and I am a total sucker for fresh pineapple) . . .that kid loves pineapple. So we deal with a little diaper rash every now and then. ;-)


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