Saturday, November 24, 2012

Toddlers in diapers!

30lb stocky toddler
Converting friends to cloth is fun!  A very good friend we often stay with recently decided to convert, so when we visited last weekend, I brought her order of diapers.  It was hilarious to watch her 30lb toddler run around in his new fluff, jumping to land on his newly padded rear to see how soft it was!

When I created this design, I had only my own child to try it out on.  Thankfully many wonderful online cloth diapering friends across the US and Canada volunteered to try it out and give feedback.  And thanks to those generous Mama’s, within 5 or 6 modifications from my original try I got my fitted pattern set to what it is now.  But I still have only my own child on whom to see the diaper in person.  Since first using this fitted design on him over two years ago, I’ve adjusted his rise setting up about 3”, so it really does continue to fit nicely with a growing child.

The two boys together, M on the left,
my son K on the right
This was my first experience seeing my diapers on another child in person.  And not only did I get to see it on my friend’s son, I got to change his diapers too, LOL!!  It was really gratifying to be able to really see how well the diaper fits on a child so much bigger than my own, with room to spare.  While the same height as my son, this little boy is about 7lbs heavier, and much stockier.  It only took a minute to figure out where to set his rise - due to his larger thighs, we determined his rise to be about a couple inches longer than where I set my son’s rise.

Due to my son’s physical delays, it may be a few years yet before he is out of diapers.  It’s good to know that he won’t outgrow these fitted diapers anytime soon!