I love working with bloggers! It's one of the best forms of advertising there is! Blogs to work with will be chosen at my discretion.

To receive a free diaper for review, your blog/social media must meet minimum requirements: 500 Blog followers and 1000 Facebook followers with good fan interaction. *see below for smaller blogs

Please understand that my decision to do a review with any blog is based upon growth, activity, and how well the blogger engages their fans. Not all applicant blogs will receive a product for review. 


 *Smaller blogs may also receive a free diaper for review by purchasing a diaper from the shop. The purchase price will be refunded in full upon the publication of the review provided following requirements are met:

~ All purchases for review with the intent of receiving a refund must be approved by me prior to purchase.

~ The review must be published no later than 60 days from the date of purchase.

~ No-follow links to my social media must be included in the review.

If these conditions are not met, no refund will be issued.

Please note, free diapers for blog reviews may be limited to the USA due to high international shipping costs.

Contact me to apply.
Be sure to include your social media stats and links!

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