My fitted cloth diaper design is what really got me started on Etsy.  My son went through a variety of shapes and sizes and it was hard to find a diaper that could accommodate his changing waist and leg sizes!  After trying out several different brands, I sat down and wrote out what I wanted out of a diaper.  Then I started to draw.  Then I started to sew!  It took five or six design modifications, but all of that got me a one-size pocket fitted diaper design I absolutely love.

  • Adjustable Rise
  • Adjustable Waist
  • Pocket to Adjust Absorbency

The waist, elastic fully stretched, measures approximately 19", and the rise, from back to front, elastic fully stretched, measures approximately 23" which leaves plenty of room for growing babies on up to chunky toddlers.  Many people use them right from newborn on up and I've been told my snap pattern works well on babies as small as 10 lbs.  I know from personal experience they will fit a chunky 35lb toddler with lots of room to spare and a blog reviewer successfully used one on her 40lb child!

How does it work?
The rise is created by a long flap in the front, which you then fold to the inside to create the rise.

Open, showing inner pocket.

Fold the front flap to the inside to create the rise.
(old style turn/top stitch, but you get the idea!)

Closure options

  • Pins
  • Snaps
  • Hook and Loop
Pins are my favorite!  They may take a little practice, but always provide the most adjustable fit.  For those who prefer them, snaps and hook and loop are available for an additional cost. Locking head pins are also available for sale in sets of 4.

Click to view picture tutorials:

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