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I'm Anne, mom to a special little boy. Nature, natural products, and crafting have long been a creative passion of mine, dating back decades. At much urging from friends, I finally did something with my Etsy account from 2009. The original intent of the shop was for my soaps and lotions. But it's funny how things happen. I opened the Etsy account around the same time my son began having seizures - it took me several months to figure out exactly what foods were triggering his seizures (mostly nightshades - check out my cookbook, Cavemom's Cooking, for my son's story and lots of delicious recipes! Available in both print and PDF) - and once the seizures stopped, his development took off! After that I began to work on a sturdy OS fitted diaper design based on his needs. The diapers became the focus of this shop and Greenchild Creations officially launched in December of 2010. :)

Introducing Bella, our new puppy

Lola (RIP 11/1/2015)
 A little background on my fitted diaper design: our son has special needs and with his low muscle tone, he had a very wide waist when he was at his chunkiest. At 13 months, he barely fit into the largest setting on OS cloth diapers. But when his seizures stopped and he got active (the way toddlers do), first his legs really slimmed down, but he still had a wide waist and long rise. Eventually his waist slimmed too. It was hard to find a diaper that fit around both his changing waist and skinny little legs, yet still accomodated a long rise. I sat down and wrote out what I wanted out of a diaper. Then I started to draw. Then I started to sew! It took several design modifications; but all of that led me to create a diaper I absolutely love.

I use cotton and/or bamboo in my fitted diapers: each diaper is at least three layers of fabric with a fourth layer creating an inner pocket. The adjustable rise folds back inside the diaper, effectively doubling the absorbent layers. With generous waist flaps, super stretchy leg elastic, and an adjustable rise, this diaper fits a large range of sizes, from about 7 to 40 lbs.

It may take a bit of experimenting to get the best fit on your child, and to get the best fit, baby must lay with their legs down. To determine where the rise should be: lay the diaper under baby and with their weight holding the diaper down, pull the front forward toward you and then up and over baby's abdomen to stretch the leg elastic and ultimately give baby a better fit. It's easiest to stuff the insert of your choosing so the front end of the insert stops at the rise length, then fold the front flap down over it to the inside. This diaper design is meant to grow with your child: add any insert of your choosing for added absorbency - newborns won't need extra, but older babies/toddlers will. For smaller babies, you may fold the front flap however you choose for added absorbency. Absorbency needed will depend on baby's wetting habits.

Pins are needed for diaper closure and locking head pins are available for purchase. Snaps and hook and loop are also available; if you wish to add snaps or hook and loop to your diaper, please be sure to purchase the snap or hook and loop option. Pins take a little practice, but will always give you the most adjustable fit.

Custom orders: I will be happy to create a diaper in my design with the look you want! Many customers have purchased and shipped the fabric of their choice directly to me for diaper making.

My talented mother, Mary, is part of my shop as the maker of hedgehog pincushions. These little guys are sure to keep you company as you sew. She also makes the crocheted snowflakes and flower pins.

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Keep up with our personal adventures - mostly about me trying to figure out my son's metabolic issues. :)

I also own another Etsy shop: Element Earth Design where I offer Digital Photography, Home Decor, and Fashion Jewelry.  Keep up with me on my inspirational community Facebook page: Element Earth Design


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