Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fleece Diaper Covers

I started out using PUL covers for my son, and felt for the longest time they were the way to go for leak protection and easy maintenance. When my Thirsties covers began to hit the end of their lifespan, I wanted to make my own covers.  I learned there were different types of PUL out there.  I tried out a few different sources - I had some hits and some misses. Fabrite was awesome, but no longer in business.  Babyville was great even if it delaminated, but a delaminated diaper will eventually die. I do have some good PUL in stock now but have since come up with my absolute favorite kind of cover - fleece! 

Two layers of fleece not only makes for excellent leak protection, it's more breatheable.  And it doesn't hold onto poop stink like PUL can.  Even if there wasn't any poop on the cover, I still changed the cover with the soiled fitted diaper because of the smell.  My son has been going through some digestive issues (which are now thankfully much better since we recently found some bromelain-free digestive enzymes) and let me tell you, that kid could stink up a room!  We were going through covers pretty quick.

When I first had the idea to make the covers out of 2 layers of fleece, I always intended to make some for my son . . . but they always sold and I never got around to making one just for him.  Most of my PUL covers are dead and/or dying now, and I really wanted him to have a giraffe print diaper cover for the cookbook photoshoot, so I finally made him one . . . and I am so in love with this cover!!!!  I want all of his covers to be made this way!!

Now, mine are more like typical diaper covers than a typical fleece soaker.  Fleece soakers look more like really super cute underwear, have 2 layers in the wetness zone only, and many styles are meant to be pulled on and off like underwear.  My fleece covers, just like a PUL cover, feature elastic at the back and legs, with side-snapping closure.  I have also done velcro closure but my personal preference is side snapping - no chance of wing droop!  They are OS with front rise snaps and 3 snap settings at the waist, and made with a full two layers of fleece, not just in the wetness zone.

I'm contemplating being done with PUL for good and selling off my small stock of it along with some FOE so if you're interested let me know! :)

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