Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blog Reviews!

I love working with bloggers! It is truly one of the best forms of advertising! I have provided A LOT of diapers (and other product) over the last 3 years in exchange for blog reviews (most with giveaways), and have had many wonderful reviews written about them. 

Normally I do many blog reviews with giveaways each year.  I did the same last year; well I should clarify - I did send out a lot of requested product for blog reviews with giveaways.  This last year was a big learning experience for me.  This last year, I learned that while most of my bloggers have been fantastic, some are, unfortunately, not. :( My first two years, I think I only had one or two transactions that were less than stellar.  But this last year . . . sadly, I had very few that went well, and most that went . . . not well.  Product that got sent out at my expense with no review written in exchange, nor me receiving the product back; basically a lot of people got some very nice free items. At my expense!  I am not a big company; I am one person. Sometimes I need to use Etsy funds to put food on the table when things are tight, and that makes me even more thankful for all my wonderful customers!!

I've had to revise my blog policy because of this year's experiences.   I am still very happy to provide FREE diapers for blog reviews, but now there is a catch:  depending on the size and activity level of the blog (some will be exempt), all diapers must be paid for in advance.  I will provide FULL reimbursement (including shipping) as long all conditions are met, which include the time frame the review is posted, the blogger providing me with the review link, and giveaway winner information. See, easy, right? Provided the criteria is met, the diapers end up being 100% FREE.  While it was easier to just send free product, I lost a lot of money (and product!) this last year, and I really don't want to do that again, I just cannot afford it.  I hope all my bloggers understand!!

Click here to read my Etsy Shop Policies.  The Blog Policy is further down near the bottom of the page. :)

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