Thursday, April 17, 2014

The costs of doing business . . .

I wish I had another fun post for you - well, I can tell you about my new diaper covers!! :)  I am incredibly excited about them because they are so soft (and cute)!  I may reserve the blizzard & anti-pill fleece for my "fitted" fleece diaper covers and switch all my side-snap diaper covers to this:  Cotton print outer, soft & fluffy fleece inner, & a hidden PUL panel to help prevent compression wicking. 

What made me want to make this change?  I kept seeing that soft & fluffy fleece in the fabric store and it was calling my name . . . eventually I caved and purchased some.  And boy am I glad I did!  LOVE it!  And there are SO many more prints to choose from for a cotton outer than a fleece outer.  I did slightly revise the design; the front waist tabs have been widened a bit and now feature an extra snap.  When people refer to a cloth diapered child as having a "fluffy butt", this one really fits that name!  So far the above cotton print is the only print I have in stock, but more will come.

Oooooh I just thought of something else fun to tell you!  I have finally perfected a diaper pail spray that goes beyond reducing the ammonia stink, which my current diaper pail spray does.  This new one reduces ammonia, urine, and poop smells!  I plan to offer it in 3 scents: floral, tropical, and fruity.  Hopefully that will be ready for production this summer!  It does use vinegar and essential oils; all of which are safe for Greenchild Creations diapers, covers, & inserts.  However, please always check with your diaper manufacturer as some do not recommend those ingredients to be used on their diapers.

And on to the original intent for this post . . . the rising cost of doing business. Very recently it was signed into law that the minimum wage for the state of Minnesota, where I live, is going up (which I fully support!).  It does affect my business because with current prices, pretty soon I will be making less than minimum wage.  There have been a few times busy enough I've seriously considered hiring outside help, and I cannot pay them less than minimum wage.  What does this mean for the business?  It means prices will go up accordingly.  I've thought about following how the state of MN plans to roll it out over the next two years; whether or not my customers would want to see 3 price increases or just have one and be done with it.  I feel the best course of action is to have just one price increase, which will go into effect in August 2014.

Things like this, among others, make me truly appreciate my customers!  Because of your support, this has gone from a hobby to a real, bona fide business; something I never imagined I would do.  If someone told me 10 years ago I'd design, sew, and sell cloth diapers, I'd have said they were crazy!  It's funny where life takes you  - I am loving this journey!

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